Dan Garland, President & Tonal Director



Dan Garland at the console of First United Methodist Church in Bryan, Texas
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“Garland Pipe Organs was chosen for excellence in craftsmanship, reliability of service as well as the beauty of sound produced by organs built by the Garland firm. Dan Garland, owner and tonal director, proved to be congenial, businesslike, as well as sympathetic to the unique needs of this congregation.”

St. Stephen
Presbyterian Church,
Ft. Worth

Garland Pipe Organs, founded in 1982, occupies a sixty-six hundred square foot custom facility in Ft Worth, Texas. The staff members, many long-tenured, include degree holders in organ performance, piano, voice and industrial arts.

Garland Pipe Organs are state of the art, incorporating both electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic actions. The design is individually tailored to produce the best sound in a given environment: size of the instrument, cubic space in which it will be played and the desires of the client, who is involved in shaping the eventual instrument.

The client is an integral part of the build. The Garland process involves listening to the needs, desires and dreams of the client, while offering the wealth of professional experience gathered from decades of designing, building and tuning grand instruments. Garland Pipe Organs has a long list of clients who are satisfied with both the process and the outcome—acoustic, structural and visual.

In addition to designing, building and installing new instruments, Garland Pipe Organs rebuilds older instruments. It also maintains and tunes a wide variety of organs, with a list of approximately one hundred at this time.

Technically, Garland Pipe Organs combine American eclectic design, with English traditional influence being heard. An instrument can be as small as four ranks or as large as 160 ranks–and larger, if needed. All instruments, smallest to largest, include a significant number of foundation stops. A large color pallet allows the organ to faithfully reproduce literature from all periods of composition.

Most Garland Pipe Organs are located in houses of worship, so the goal is for the instrument to lead the congregation in singing and to be useful in all the other elements of worship.

Garland Pipe Organs, Inc. aims to excite and inspire those who play and hear its instruments.