Dan Garland, President & Tonal Director


Robert Bohl to First Baptist, Tyler

January 7, 1985

Mr. Huey Harpe
First Baptist Church
Tyler, Texas 75710

Dear Mr. Harpe:

Thank you for the enquiry concerning Mr. Dan Garland who is the organ builder and who is a member of our church and has done extensive work here. I am enclosing for you the specifications of the organ we have which will give you some idea of its magnitude and I think will also give to you some appreciation for the kind of work that Mr. Garland can do in terms of his envisioning an instrument for the size of sanctuary and for the needs of the particular congregation. Our relationship with Mr. Garland has been one over several years, beginning approximately in 1975. About three years ago Mr. Garland formed his own firm and has been incredibly productive in terms of success of building organs and maintaining organs as well as new contracts for buildings. We have been extremely delighted with his work and know full well that because of the way he operates his business affairs that you will not find anyone that can match him in terms of ability and the cost factors involved in the kind of work that you might be anticipating.

One of the things that we have discovered is that when he commences a project that is the highest priority on his list and he will not leave you in the lurch as you are anxiously awaiting the day for the completion of it. About two years ago we had an extensive renovation program that cost almost $100,000 and the only delays were not caused by him but by the deliver of pipes that were ordered from the Northeast and some from Germany.

He is a delightful person with whom to work. He is extremely conscientious in his task and I think will be one that you will appreciate meeting and interview for the purpose of your proposed project there. If you have specific questions, I would be glad to try to answer them, but let me again reiterate our great pleasure in having him as the person responsible for our organ maintenance and renovation projects as they come along. I highly commend him to you.

Very cordially,
Robert W. Bohl
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church,
Fort Worth, Texas (1980-1996)