Dan Garland, President & Tonal Director


William Teague to First Presbyterian, Monroe, LA

January 25, 1993

Dr. Wayne Smith
First Presbyterian Church
1201 Stubbs Avenue
Monroe, LA 71201

Dear Wayne,

I am happy to report that Mr. Dan Garland has done a super job in building and installing the new organ for the First Presbyterian church in Monroe. Dan and I worked closely together on each phase of the organ from consultations on the stop list through the construction and installation and the final tonal finishing.

Mechanically, Mr. Garland’s work is superior. The beautiful wood work on the chests, supports, walkways and facade is like fine furniture. The electrical components are skillfully laid out and installed with no careless wiring around to cause future problems. The lay-out of the pipes is quite amazing. Frankly, I did not know how he was going to put that many pipes in the amount of available space, yet every pipe is accessible for maintenance.

Tonally, Dan has a good ear, and he took the time to make each pipe speak correctly. He paid great attention to blend, balance and variety with the result that everything goes together. The reeds and mixtures, which can present problems, are beautiful and are so useful.

The console is a work of art. The lay-out was thoughtfully done with the result that it is very comfortable for the organist to manage. He has provided ample mechanical aids to help the organist to manage the large instrument in a colorful and artistic way.

In so far as I can see Mr. Garland has fulfilled his part of the contract–and even gone beyond in some areas. The First Presbyterian Church has an organ in which they can be justly proud, and it will serve the congregation with beauty and distinction for many years to come–provided it is properly maintained.

It has been a pleasure to work with the organ committee, the Rev. Mr. Hurley, Charles Even and Dan Garland and his crew.

Respectfully submitted,
William Teague
Organ Consultant